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do you want better clients who pay you more and use you more consistently?! 
Add this overlooked yet easy-to-learn skillset to your online business... 
Deciding where to focus your energy as you grow your freelance business is no picnic.  
Is it better to be a Jill of all trades? Or should you zero in on one skillset?
When you first started out you just wanted FREEDOM

You wanted to exit the 9-5 as fast as humanly possible (or avoid it all together), so you took almost any gig that came your way. 

Maybe you've acted as a multi-purpose admin...

Maybe you've acted as a project manager... 

Maybe you've acted as a sounding board... 

Maybe you've even acted as an accountant or bookkeeper... 
I get it. With a background in everything from administration, to project management, to marketing, I found myself exhausted with a slew of half finished trainings just a few months into my freelance career... 
By this point, you may feel like you know a little about a lot... 
And if you're anything like me, that just adds to your confusion and makes you feel scattered.. 
On top of that, you have no idea how to sort through job opportunities... 
Your portfolio may feel like it's all over the place, and you may wonder if people will see you as indecisive or wishy-washy. 
Plus, it's not like you can really be picky and sort through jobs as they get posted... 
If one potential client decides to pass, you feel it in your bank account... 
I wanted to be everything for my potential clients, but then I realized something... 
...learning just one certain skill could give me a solid foundation, access to better clients, and scale my business faster than anything else. 
This skill is something I actually discovered on accident... 
Just a few months into my freelance career I was EXHAUSTED. Scope creep was real. Clients were asking if I could do everything under the sun, and I hated to say no... 
So I found myself trying to perfect everything all at once. 
I followed guru after guru and tried to keep up with all of the trends. (Spoiler: I couldn't.) 
But then, something AMAZING happened... 
A client hired me to do ONE THING and one thing only. 

But that wasn't even the best part! 

Shortly after, I realized I could use all the skills I was learning while perfecting THAT art in other areas of my business... it was the best of both worlds! 
So what is this one skill that transformed my entire freelance business and gave me a solid platform to build on? 
I'll tell you, but you have to promise to keep an open mind... Deal? 
Writing EMAIL COPY...
Tell your client's list about their new product... 
Keep their list engaged between launches... 
Tease a new podcast, interview, or YouTube video...
There's something wonderfully unique about email copy... 
It's a very specialized, highly desirable skill... 
But because it's so niched, it's actually possible to learn the fundamentals in a short time frame. (Like less than two months!)

Why? Because while it's an art, copywriting is also a SCIENCE. That means there are formulas and proven methods that work time and time again.
Learn countless transferrable copy skills 
Learn the ins and outs of launches 
Understand marketing in a whole new way
Urgency and scarcity. Direct response. Opening loops. Headlines. Pacing. Formatting. You learn it ALL in email copywriting. 
You'll get seriously intimate with launches and everything there is to know about them while writing email copy. 
This is the best way to get a hands on, no-holds barred view of how every piece of a marketing campaign works together. 
Wouldn't it be great to finally have something proven, that you KNOW you rock at, to always fall back on?
Email Copy School
The proven, simple way to add the skill of email copy to your list of services. After going through this course you'll understand the fundamentals of email copy from A-Z and know how to use them to wow the clients you set out to serve.  
* 8 all-telling modules 
* Over-the- shoulder walkthroughs 
* Bank of recorded Q&As and trainings 
* PROVEN email templates that work time and time again 
* Vetted job leads for 6 months 
* Weekly LIVE Q&As for 6 months
The details
Module 1: Email Types 
Learn every kind of email that you can write to support your client's every need. Launch, promo,  teasers, nurturing, fulfillment, you name it! **NOW INCLUDING TEMPLATES** 
Module 2: Email Structure
Learn best practices for email structure including hooks, leads, and calls to action. Plus, learn how to decide how many emails to set up for each kind of campaign. 
Module 3: Planning & Strategy 
Learn the ins and outs of planning out an email copywriting project so that your clients always know what to expect. 
Module 4: Calls to Action 
Learn the delicate art of weaving urgency and scarcity into an email without sounding boring, sleazy, or pushy. 
Module 5: Client Interviews 
Learn what kind of questions to ask your clients so that your emails sound EXACTLY like them and represent their businesses perfectly. **NOW INCLUDING RECORDED MOCK INTERVIEWS** 
Module 6: Subject Lines
Learn the anatomy of a good subject line and how to craft eye-catching ones that your client's reader can't resist opening. **NOW INCLUDING TEMPLATES** 
Module 7: Benchmarks & Data
Learn exactly what to look for in the statistics from your amazing emails! What open and click rates are standard? We'll tackle it all. 
Module 8: Edits & Revisions 
Learn how to work through revisions with your clients so that their emails come out exactly how they want them and you can improve your writing for next time. 
This course includes everything you need to know about mastering 
the art of email copy and transferring your newly learned skills to 
other types of copywriting.  
Business Bootcamp 
A back-to-basics approach on how to set up your business and start offering your services right away (seriously, there is NO fluff here...) We'll touch on branding, social media, client communication, and more. 
Energy Management For Freelancers 
Is your environment unpredictable? Do you feel like you take on the emotions and judgements of people around you? In this masterclass I talk all about managing and protecting your energy so you can give your best to your clients and your work. 
Writing For "Non-Creatives" 
Do you feel like you were born without the gift of gab? Yeah, so did some of my best copywriter friends! This training will get you out of your own head and help you take on the identity of a writer. 
Grammar & Editing Cheatsheet 
Fun fact, you do NOT have to be an English professor to be a good writer. A few simple edit hacks will go a long way and brushing up on some basic grammar will go a LONG way. Feel free to keep this cheatsheet with you whenever you write! 
PLUS, introducing the 
Email Copy School Certification... 
Once you've gone through all 8 modules of ECS, you'll have the chance to have your portfolio reviewed and vetted by an Email Copy School coach. 

Once you get the stamp of approval, you'll receive a certificate and badge to put on your website! 

(There ALSO might be some swag involved too, but you didn't hear that from me...) 
Learn this highly lucrative skill, gain credibility, and get access to job opportunities all in ONE spot! 
what people are saying...
I’ve written content in the past, but have a major brain jam when it comes to social copy - even when I’ve written the content! Brittany has laid the process out so smoothly. Social copy isn’t as scary as I once thought!
Heidi Stephens, 
Content Strategist  
I loved the training! Having you walk through each step was extremely helpful. Along with your podcast, after the training I realized as a copywriter I LOVE writing email copy 🤯. Thank you!! 
Kristjana Hillberg, 
Freelance Content Creator
Oh my gosh... as I’ve been transitioning into things that I really WANT to write, I realized how much I want to write email copy. I felt so lost and didn’t know how to start! Then you drop this 😍 thank you!!
Caitlin Drachen, Copywriter + Digital Marketing Strategist
Remember, you'll also get access to LIVE Q&A's and VETTED job leads for 6 months.
Who am I?? 
Valid question! Here's what a media bio would say... 

"Brittany Bayley is a perpetually curious service provider and coach currently serving as the email copywriter for Russell Brunson and the insanely popular SaaS company, ClickFunnels. 

Founder of the community and podcast Your Intentional Life©, she's often known to ignore old rules, combine woo and traditional methods, and always come from a place of simplicity and intention."

All of that is true! But I'd also add that... 

- I have two cats who are the real stars of my IG stories
- I married my husband in August of 2018 and we live in central FL (both FL natives!) 
- I'm always down for ice cream 
- I'm a classic type 6 on the Enneagram (and I'd LOVE to nerd out about personality tests with you!) 
- I'm super introverted but I LOVE people! 
Learn the fundamentals of email copy and use them to WOW the clients you set out to serve in just 8 weeks. 
frequently asked questions
Who are you and what makes you qualified to teach email copy? 
Valid question! Hi, I'm Brittany Bayley. After months of floundering in my business I landed on email copy and haven't looked back since. 

After learning this skill I've gone on to write for some amazing teachers and gurus like John Maxwell, Steve Larsen, Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and more. 

Everything I teach in Email Copy School is proven and tested in the real world. 
Do you have to have a business yet? 
No way, no how. 

Email Copy School is a great starting point if you're just dipping your toe in the water of online business. 

In fact I even included a quick Business Bootcamp BONUS which will walk you through the 40,000 ft birds eye view of setting up your social media profiles, branding, client communication, and more. 
How long do I have access to the content? 
You will ALWAYS have access to the content inside of the Email Copy School members area! (All of the modules, bonuses, mock interviews, and trainings) 

You will have access to the exclusive Facebook group with the opportunity to jump in on the LIVE Q&A's for 6 months. 
What if I'm not "creative" enough?
Oh man, I could take up the whole page talking about this! Here's the long and short of it... 

Creativity is a skill, just like anything else. You're not either born with or without it--it's developed

On top of that copywriting is as much a science as it is an art. I'll teach you proven methods that work time and time again. 

Plus, I actually included an entire BONUS just for you to help break limiting beliefs around this! 
I'm TOTALLY brand new to writing, is this for me? 
As long as you're fluent in English (what I write and teach in) and willing to learn, Email Copy School is right for you. 

I will teach you, step-by-step, how to write powerful emails that convert time and time again. These fundamentals can take you from zero-pro.  
How does the certification process work? 
Once you go through all 8 modules of Email Copy School, you'll get access to a certification test. 

After you submit the samples you create during the program, we'll check them out. Once you get the stamp of approval, you'll receive a certificate and badge to put on your website! 
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ALL modules are READY for you to cosume as soon as you want (no drip game here...)   
Hit the ground running or take your time--it's up to you! - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions Apply
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